Sometimes, our healing efforts need a little help.  That's when healing therapy with YogAbility comes in.  Janet works individually with you to develop a personal, customized practice using yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breath to give your healing efforts the boost for enduring success.

Call now to learn more about this necessary component for healing.  615.491.3787.


Empower - this class is for anyone who's looking for their "voice" and a greater sense of confidence and reassurance.

Release - this class is for anyone looking to let go of what is no longer serving them - whether it be weight, addiction, relationships or old clothing.

Sleep - this class is for those who cannot sleep or are not sleeping well.

Being Well - this class is for those who are content, at the moment, and looking to experience and maintain a sense of "well-being."


Available Classes

Healing Therapy

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Yoga is for YOU - especially at YogAbility.  That's because our approach begins with your very own personal assessment that results in either a customized practice tailored just for you or a functional group class where everyone has similar needs or both!

YogAbility offers individual and functional group classes.  Functional group classes are small (no more than 6) and are scheduled in 6 week blocks.  Students are eligible to enroll in a functional group class AFTER the initial intake session is complete.

Individual private sessions for healing therapy may be scheduled at any time and are based on availability.  Contact Janet at or 615.491.4787 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


First,  schedule your intake session for a complete assessment.  This appointment takes about 90 minutes.  You will answer a series of questions that will allow me to determine your goals, needs and the best path forward in achieving your goals.

Second, come to the class that is right for you based on your goals.  


Intake session - $125 - complete assessment of movement, breath and thoughts.  Student receives a personal yoga practice to help achieve goals.

Intake session plus series - $450 - complete assessment, plus weekly practice with group led by YogAbility.

Series - 6 weeks - (only available after an intake session) - $325

Individual Private - $100 - individual private sessions are 1 on 1 sessions designed for those dealing with chronic or serious health concerns.